Mass Soccer Online Registration Tutorial

This spring every player will have to register with our state association, MASS Soccer, before being placed on your team's roster, effective today. It is a simple process and will cover you for two years. When completed, you will receive a temporary player passcard along with your member number. A permanent passcard will be mailed to you. Referees will be instructed to only accept these new player cards and your member number will be on the roster.

You will need a digiital piture of yourself and a credit card to cover the fee of $25. Your team should lower their fee a bit over time to offset this.

When you are ready, click here to go to the MASS Soccer registration page.

Step One, click on Start Here and enter your email and a password twice.

You will receive an email with a link to activate your account. Click on the link in the email and a new page will open in your browser. If it doesn't, paste the link in your browser. 

Step 2, Login using your email address and password. Fill in the player information screen. At this point, you will need a driver's license number or passport. Click submit.

Step 3, Upload your picture. Select a picture from your computer by clicking Choose File. You will be able to edit it after you click Submit.

Step 4, Edit your head shot if neccessary

Step 5, Read the waiver and sign by entering your date of birth and clicking I accept this waiver.

Step 6, Optional. Enter an emergency contact name and phone. There are three opportunites to volunteer or receive information from our state association.


Step 7, On screen invoice for $25. Click Checkout. Enter your credit card or Paypal info on the next page and submit.



Step 8, After your payment is accepted, you click on the "Home" link to return to your home page. All of your info will be there along with a link to print a temporary passcard.

Success! Here it is:

Step 9, Please remember to send your MASS ID number to your team manager to add to the game roster.

Please let me know if I can help in any way.

Dick Fischman