Cleat Drive Kicks Off. 36 PAIRS COLLECTED Announcing Tailgate at the Boston Breakers Game.

Cleat Drive Kicks Off. 36 PAIRS COLLECTED Announcing Tailgate at the Boston Breakers Game.

For every pair of gently used or new cleats EMWSL collects, New Balance will match with a new pair!

EMWSL and New Balance are partnering, with the support of the Boston Breakers, to get soccer cleats to youth soccer players in need in the Greater Boston Area.

Player Passcard Information

All Adult players in MA must register at the state association's registration site. Click Here.

EMWSL has created a tutorial for this process. Click here.

This is a 2 year registration good until December 31, 2018. MA residents will pay $25 and when complete, a temporary Player Passcard will be available for printing. All game rosters will include the membership number on your card. A permanent player card will be mailed to you.

To register, you will need a picture to upload and a credit card or PayPal account.

New Player Questionnaire

– Please note that it is recommended that you review team/league information before you complete this form. Being part of a team means making a commitment. By responding to teams who contact you, you are saying that you are prepared to come to games and be a part of a team. Please consider that before telling a team that you are willing to play for them. The more information you enter, the more likely a team will contact you.

Click Here for the New Player Form

Summer Champions - 1A Azzurri, 1B United FC, D2/3 Amazons

Division 1A

Azzurri Repeats as Summer 2016 Division 1A Champions

Azzurri beat newly promoted F.C. Sixers 2-1 on August 3 at Wayland High School to repeat at D1 champions.

On Monday, Azzurri beat Suburban Lightning in a nail biter, 1-0 on a goal in the middle of the second half.

FC Sixers came from a 4-1 deficit at the half to beat Opus County, 5-4 in the second overtime.

Untied FC is the Division 1B Champion

United FC beat Reading 5-2 at Wayland High School Monday, August 8.

Amazons - Division 2/3 Champion

The Amazons prevailed over the Bandits, 4-3 at Wayland Hogh School.

2016 Sam Oliver All-Star Game

The EMWSL All-Star game was played on Sunday, July 17.

From the coaches, "Great group of girls. Close match final score 3-2. The officials were wonderful, we had plenty of fans. Sam would've loved it."

New Player? Want to join a team?

Teams play in EMWSL in the Fall, Spring & Summer. Many teams also play in indoor leagues. If you are interested in joining a team, please complete a new player profile form. There is limited space available so please inlude details about yourself.

The new player coordinator will send your information to teams with availablility at the level you specify.

The summer season begins on Monday, June 13. All games in the summer are on Monday & Wednesday evenings.

Questions? Email the New Player Coordinator.

Azzurri (1A) and Dynamis I (1B) Repeat as the Summer 15 Champions

In the Division 1A final Azzurri and Opus played regulation and 2 OTs, tied at 1-1. Azzurri prevailed in the shootout, 2-1.

In the 1B final, Dynamis beat United F.C. 2-0 in regulaiton.

Congratulations to the D2/3 Champions Passed Out

Medfield Passed Out defeated Seapoint Spirit 2-1 in double overtime on Wednesday, August 12.

Player Identification at Matches

Rule Change (Effective as of April 12, 2015)

1.3 All players must register with Mass Soccer and must obtain a picture ID card from Mass Soccer. Each team must provide the referee with a copy of its official roster generated from the Mass Soccer site prior to the start of each game. The referee will use this roster (which must include pictures) to verify identification. If the referee cannot identify the person via the picture on the roster, they may request back up picture identification such as a driver's license or Mass Soccer ID card. If the referee cannot verify the person they will not be eligible to play. It is recommended that every player carry their Mass Soccer ID and/or other photo identification to every game so that their eligibility to play may not be questioned.

New Player New Team

EMWSL Payments

If you need to make a payment to EMWSL, Team Fees as an example, here's a reminder.  You need to be logged into the web site in order to see the Payment Tool. Click on the Login link above to begin the login process

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